Centro Launches Broker-Carrier Portal, Driving Efficiency and Improved Customer Experiences

Launch marks milestone in the collaboration between brokers and carriers, streamlining processes and enhancing communication to better serve customers

SAINT LOUIS, MO – February 15, 2024 – Centro Benefits Research  (Centro), an ancillary benefits consulting and technology firm representing many of the top brokers in the U.S., announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind platform, the Centro Broker Portal. This innovative platform modernizes the way brokers manage and streamline the RFP process for their teams and clients.

The Centro Broker Portal offers brokers a completely digitized experience for the RFP and quoting process. By adopting this advanced platform, brokers can significantly reduce the reliance on document exchange via email, eliminating unnecessary communication and accelerating operations. Moreover, the platform reduces the likelihood of errors and ensures a more efficient RFP and quoting workflow. This approach empowers brokers to save time, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

“The portal’s intuitive design and simplicity make it easy to follow, saving me valuable time. In the world of insurance, efficiency is key, and Centro’s Broker Portal has proven to be a lifesaver for streamlining tasks, allowing me to focus on what matters most.”

Alison Goyings, Nulty Insurance Account Executive

The launch of this unique, centralized platform represents a new era for the insurance industry and sets a benchmark for technology tools that will allow brokers to serve their customers more proficiently.

“This launch represents an important milestone, changing the way brokers and carriers work together to improve overall client experience. Our future roadmap for the Portal is robust, and we’re looking forward to continuing our connected partnerships to develop new enhancements, options, and methods to drive efficiency and value for all stakeholders.”

Mike Reeves, Vice President of Sales and Operations, Centro Benefits Research

The future scape of the Centro Broker Portal will automate the exchange of data for RFP and quoting purposes through carrier API connections while providing brokers with access to real-time data for their clients and their benefit plans straight from carrier back-end systems. 

The introduction of the Centro Benefits Portal reinforces Centro’s continued investments in technology-based products that improve the customer experience, enabling all ancillary benefit stakeholders to work more efficiently.

About Centro Benefits Research 

Centro Benefits Research is an ancillary benefits and technology consulting firm that enables brokers and carriers to deliver the best possible outcomes for their mutual customers through powerful research, deep industry expertise and the creation of digitally focused platform efficiencies that drive business growth. Centro’s mission remains squarely focused on bringing modern technology to a legacy insurance process and helping all stakeholders in the system work more effectively. For information, visit centrobenefitsresearch.com