High-Impact Results for Brokers

A Progressive Approach

Never before has the role of the benefits broker been facing so much change. To stay competitive, you need a partner and a strategy that connects your organization to all possibilities.

Our platform connects benefits brokers with carriers by supporting the entire RFP function, while the broker remains in total control of their client and retains full authority for the carrier selection.


Our Core Services

We dissect benefits plans to create accurate, strategically rationalized RFPs and deliver comprehensive market results in a client-ready presentation with a complete analysis of plan design features and pricing.

  • Client-ready proposal materials with detailed side-by-side comparisons on all ancillary product lines.
  • Large case consulting
  • Dental and Vision network and discount evaluations
  • Dental Disruption Analysis
  • Alternate Funding Option Analysis
  • LTD Contract Technical Comparisons
  • Client and carrier portfolio optimization with long term strategy for growth
  • You remain BOR with no changes to compensation
Do you want to transform the health insurance experience?